So, I was in a pickle, I wanted a nice VM management solution without either having to install a separate image ie VMware or proxmox, or had no need for billing systems and ticketing systems. There were a few left, one stood out,

It has the following:
Modern looking UI (I know but I like looking at pretty things)

Installable from repositories and no need for crazy images (easy to get on rented servers if needed)

Open source and free!

No extraneous stuff I don’t need to have to maintain

So I went about googling to see what was there, thankfully I am not on solus vm with their pricing hikes (cough cPanel), virtualizor, and I stumbled across a stack overflow article where cockpit was mentioned. I googled some more and braced for an extended and lengthy installation procedure; this is enterprise software were talking about right?

Nope, running the following command

sudo apt-get install cockpit && apt-get install cockpit-machines

The installation proceeds as expected, quickly considering the amount of packages, dependencies and other minutia that goes into creating a virtualization solution. I think that’s it? No endless questions, no nonsense ? No it completes and starts the daemon

You accept it by accessing the following :

 <your IP>:9090

Then login with your user name and password.

Thats it happy virtualizing!!!