Executive Bio

Kyle Sponable is an award-winning software engineer and technical specialist currently in the employ of the New York State Office of the Attorney General. His 15 year IT career has spanned systems and network engineering, application development, industrial controls, information security, and project management. Currently he is the testing lead for the AG’s case management system. In that role he is currently tasked with designing and implementing an automated testing and acceptance framework for the agency’s mission critical systems. He has also founded and personally funded a fintech startup called Patriot Hosting that has brought modern technology to high risk and underserved industry segments and was profitable within the first year of launch. Before this he has lead projects and roll outs for financial institutions, engineering firms, and retail locations.

When not working for the Attorney General he has provided technology expertise to help private organizations and law enforcement hunt down child predators.His other exploits include conservation work with his county’s land trust as well as being an active member of a local search and rescue team. In his youth he attained the rank of Eagle Scout and received numerous civic awards for volunteer work. Mission oriented, and service driven he continually puts the needs of his team above his own.


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