In line with my work with vechain , the next project I am going to look at is a relative dark horse in crypto space, but it should be considered for any top HODL based portfolio.

So lets dive first into the technical aspects and get the boring stuff out of the way before we get into the juicy bits. Algorand is a Pure Proof of Stake, meaning literally anyone and any wallet can be / is a node. What this means is you get in essence interest for your holdings. At the time of writing its 6% APY. The blockchain is fast, allows for fast block times, smart contracts, and all the other stuff that a modern blockchain should be able to support.

So other than its interesting 6% apy, why should we be so hyped? The answer is in a couple crucial partnerships. The first and most obvious is coinbase, coinbase is the hardest exchange to get on, and only allows ‘blue chip’ crypto currencies on its platform. They are massively in the know in the crypto space and if they are listing such a young project there is something going on. The next is their capital partners , USY, Applied Crypto, and a dozen others are a who’s who of crypto currency venture capital firms. If they’re in on Algo you can rest assured its because there is upside and potential for their backers. The final and perhaps most compelling reason is this the Marshall Islands is using Algorand as a SOV or store of value, to build a new financial system off of .


This is HUGE, the Marshall Islands are a sovereign state, and a leader in the wealth management space. High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth individuals use the Marshall Islands as a safe haven for the storage of their wealth. They are using Algorand, you should be to.

Usually I can get some price estimations of the value of a coin, however I do not believe that there will be a lot of continual explosive price fluctuations. I do believe it will dramatically increase in value in the short term then hold steady to provide interest to its hodlers. I could see $10-$100 per token as reasonable, they need to be small enough to be useable but large enough to not be cumbersome. It will instead provide a secure store of value to rival other stable coins like USDT, but with a steady rate of return and predictability needed for modern wealth management.